Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where have I been?

Oh goodness gracious...here I go again...neglecting my blog...new year and new things going on...that and the fact that one of my friends introduced me to FACEBOOK last year and I have been addicted ever since. If you haven't yet been taken in by the social network...good for you! Don't google the website...don't go anywhere near that thing. I thought TWITTER was bad...I haven't visited there in a few weeks....despite the fact that some local celebrities have begun to follow me in the recent weeks. To my TWITTER followers: Find me on Facebook!

FACEBOOK and all it's evilness just has the ability to suck you in...all of a sudden you are able to chat with your friends, see what they are doing, peek into their lives, view updated photos. AND, then when that isn't enough...you find out you are able to enter the name of that friend you had in elementary school and chances are---you WILL find them! AND, not just that person...but little by little you find everyone you've ever had any type of relationship with...whether it be an acquaintance, an old friend, former co-worker, college roommate, etc.... need I go on?

I have reconnected with so many people...it has been a wonderful experience! I truly anticipate who I might "see" next...

Alas, there is life outside of FACEBOOK...I know some of you don't believe me...but there is...

I'll be updating again soon...my wonderful group, The Boutique Angels, will be launching shortly in March. AND, of course, I will be listing some of my designs and will have to showcase them here. We will be raising money for the Children's Tumor Foundation and I will have to introduce you to the beautiful little girl who inspired us to choose this charity...she is amazing!