Saturday, March 8, 2008's cold!

I'm finally getting my feet wet...and it's a bit cold I must say! Okay, so honestly, I love water and I love to family jokes that I should have been a fish! BUT, this isn't any ordinary pool, ocean or river. No, this is the sea of bloggers! It's very big, big enough actually, that one could very easily get lost. AND, I don't want to get lost---I'm just not sure where it is I am going yet. I want to swim, swim freely into the open waters...Weeeeeeeee! Here is a cute picture I took of our daughter last year in the pool...I can't wait for summer, can you tell?

So now that I have set up my blog...what should I write about? There is the obvious, the children's clothing I create. BUT, should I write about life in general? Yes, I think I might. Stay tuned to find out.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by---please come back!

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Steffi said...

Very sweet picture!