Thursday, September 11, 2008

The day Americans paused.

Where were you? Do you remember?
I'll bet you do. We all do.
The day Americans paused.
September 11, 2001

I was at home with our first child, munchkin #1, who was at the time 4 1/2 months old. I was sitting in bed with her when I received my daily phone call from my mother. BUT, this time I could hear that something was wrong when she asked, "what are you doing?". I remember her telling me to turn on the television. I had long given up TV-I figured I was at home to give munchkin #1 my undivided attention...I have since realized that you need to let children know that they can not be given ALL of one's attention...ALL of the time. (BUT, they still get a lot of my attention, they relish in being the centers of attention, and I relish in the fact that I am able to see them receive this attention)

I remember watching the towers. I remember the fire. I remember seeing the replays. I remember listening to some who had witnessed what they saw, most not really sure what they had seen and most of all what was to come. My mother all the while trying to catch me up on the events thus far...was this really happening? My eyes and ears engrossed in details that I could never have even imagined.

Then the second plane came...this left me wondering where else is this happening? What is really going on here? I recollect my phone call with my mother being interrupted, by several beeps...ahhh, the wonder that is "Call Waiting". My husband was on the other line making sure that we were fine and making sure that I had heard of what was happening. Fortunately, we were no where near NYC, and I am just realizing how many women were grasping at the hope that soon their husband would be on the (phone) line.

I was aware of what was occurring, I was seeing what was happening, what was still materializing, and nevertheless so unsure of it all. could this be taking place? We are America! This does not happen here...we don't get attacked like this...uh-uh, no way, no how!

I recall feeling a bit scared, yet feeling confident that our country was already doing what they could to ensure that this was going to be isolated to these very symbolic towers.
Tears streamed down my face in abundance upon hearing of those who were unaccounted for. My heartfelt sympathy for those who already knew that there loved ones would not be joining them for dinner that evening, and for those who had lost their soul mates forever, was very strong. I turned off the television and turned it back on so many times that day, it was all so draining of ones human spirit. Yet--at the same time so uplifting to see and know that all of us paused at the same time through out the day. It was as if each of us personally knew someone in those towers. AND, although we didn't know them personally or by name...I guess in a sense we did know them, they were all part of our extended American family- mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, cousins, neighbors, friends, etc... and we weren't resting until we heard of each ones fate.

I remember this day, and it will always remain imprinted in my mind and heart. I can not watch programs related to 9/ still depletes me of all of the tears I can possibly give out in one day.

If this is how I feel on the anniversary of this tragic event...I can only wonder how those who lost their loved ones feel. I hope that they have been given strength through the years. I hope they know that we were all giving them a hug that day and the days, weeks and months that followed. Seven years have passed...I can't believe is still so vivid in my mind.

I could never express the gratitude I have for all our service men and women who are in our Armed is in an abundance unimaginable. What you do for us on a daily basis, while we can go on about our daily lives with no worries...because we know that you all are taking care of us...cradling America and all it stands for. Ensuring that all the world knows that you can not just come barging in here and do what they did without consequences. We are Americans and don't you forget it!

My group, The Boutique Angels Charity Organization , announced the children's charity which will receive all proceeds from our 4th Quarter launch, November 3-9, today! AND, coincidentally, it happens to be the

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