Thursday, September 4, 2008

Word of the Day: NEGLECT

ne-glect (n-glkt)
1. To pay little or no attention to; fail to heed; disregard
2. To fail to care for or attend to properly

Oh no...according to the definition above...I have been neglecting my blog. BUT, let's not carry that neglect over to the MANY, MANY loyal readers I have...should I look up the word: SARCASM? I'm not being sarcastic by the fact that I have loyal readers...just that I have "MANY, MANY" of them!

Neglect, I have...BUT, I have good reason. An unwanted guest arrived in our home two Sundays ago. We have been making the said guest feel very uncomfortable. We weren't really aware of how to ask this guest to politely leave us alone, and so we assumed that within time it would eventually go it normally has. It had been irritating the munchkins, thus frustrating the mommy (me)...I mean really, who likes to see their children unhappy?

The guest is very didn't even send a little note, a little nudge, a small phone call to let us know that it would be just showed the middle of the night! It apparently assumed that it could just come on over and we would afford it a place to spend how ever long it meant to stay with us! Grrrrrrr....

Lysol and bleach have become my constant companions...we have always been friends, however in times like these...we seem to realize how much we really, really like one another.

The guest became a nuisance on Sunday and so we loaded the munchkins in the car and decided to find out once and for all how to get rid of it. AND, we finally found out it's name....Group A. goes by the nickname "strep", but I don't want it to feel any more at home then it already I'll just call it Mr. Streptococcus. Hah...and get this, it had a friend...Respiratory Infection (no middle initial)! It all makes so much sense now!

Well, needless to say we were given a couple of medications to give to Mr. Streptococcus and it's friend, a sort of kryptonite for unwanted visitors. We are on day three of the dosing and I think I see them packing their bags. I'm going to show them the door here in just a moment and won't even shake their hands ...yes, I am going to be an ill-mannered hostess *gasp*, no hug or kiss on the cheek from me! No, I will simply usher them out with a graceful wave of my hand.

I shall be thinking in my head, "Go on, get out and take your friend with've wreaked enough havoc on my munchkins!
Excuse me for a minute...*cough, cough*... don't even think about coming back to this time we won't be so nice!"


pickles*and*co said...

What a cute post! I hope your visitor takes the hint post haste! (I always wanted to use those two words)

Clara said...


I'm hoping I don't get it!!!

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Oh, I can't stand it when something comes in, uninvited, and insists on staying for way too long! I hope your fam is feeling better now.

(visiting from MBC)

Keely said...

Oooh, I hate those guests. They always think they can sleep wherever they want, and they use your toothbrush.

Love the blog, very funny!

Clara said...

Yes, girls...very ornery...I'm glad you understand my plight, LOL!

Steffi said...

Great post,Clara and I agree with all other comments!I hope your family is feeling better now!