Monday, October 6, 2008

Beautiful days....

The weather has been absolutely Fall-ish the last couple of days! I LOVE taking the munchkins outside when it is this beautiful!

Gone are the days of being in the pool...but that's okay, now we are able to see the miracle that is nature. Days like these allow my mind to focus on other things...and not asking myself questions like, "I wonder if they are ready to go inside...whew... it's hot out here?".

The mosquitos are still out in full force...and not dousing yourself with Off! will certainly mean that they will be calling all of their friends and treating them to a buffet at your expense. Trust me these little pests eat as much as they want no matter how much you swat at them. I think I overheard a couple of them talking about how mighty tasty I was and if I didn't leave them alone there were two other buffets they knew of watching some roly polys play hide and seek. *SWAT*

The leaves are still on the trees. In a couple of weeks, you won't even be able to see a blade of grass on our front lawn...and no matter how much we rake or mow...or rather I should say my husband rakes or mows (I can do ANYTHING---anything I tell you, however I have never been able to turn on the lawn mower nor push it...go figure, hee hee) it will continue on through all of winter. I like to call it TEXAS SNOW. If I'm inside sitting on our sofa in the living room, I can honestly hear the *crunch, crunch* of the mail man walking to my door bringing my daily goodies. AND, I don't have to tell you how much the leaves delight the munchkins...they love everything about them...after all you can throw them up in the air or at each other and no one gets hurt, you can jump in them, lay in them, even hide in them...perhaps we could even make "leave" Angels...I don't know...we'll try it.

Ahhhh...Fall...pretty soon it will be Halloween...and here in Texas we never know what the weather will be like...we've had FREEZING trick or treating...and OH MY GOSH, it's HOT trick or treating...who knows what this year will bring...but for now I'm enjoying the weather!

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Steffi said...

I love the season autumn too especially when it is nice weather!Autumn can be so beautiful.My daughter Anne fly on Thursday to the USA and I hope she can see a little piece of the Indian summer.