Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will the Puffy Taco be knocking on doors this Halloween?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about what my children wanted to be for Halloween. Munchkin #2 wanted to be a Puffy about it here. Well, this is what happened...

I've been very busy...and the munchkins dress up in their costumes for the annual Church's Halloween Festival, so I needed to have the costumes ready by this tomorrow...and time just passed me by. Well, we are at Target the other night and we just happened upon the costume aisle....which of course I then proclaimed to munchkin #2..."oooooh, look at all of these costumes...which one do you want?". Munchkin #1 had many suggestions for him, and I of course retorted, "honey, this is the one time out of the year you get to be ANYTHING you want, so let HIM choose what he will be".


Did you hear what I said? I was telling my daughter that she should let her little brother choose what he wanted to be...well, for the last 2 months we were all aware that he wanted to be the Puffy Taco...and up until the day before he still wanted to be the Puffy Taco...but now suddenly we are in the Target Costume aisle and picking out something in essence, I guess I wasn't letting him be what he truly wanted to be...but in my defense...I've been busy.

He picked out a really cute "muscular" Captain know the kind that makes your little one look like a fitting too, since it is an election year, don't you think?

He's been wearing the costume everyday and loving it...but of course he was asked today by the lady at the post office, "What are you going to be for Halloween?", to which he replied, "The Puffy Taco", aye, aye, aye...well, I'll have to explain that one tomorrow...and perhaps I will eventually make him a Puffy Taco costume for him to play with around the house since I really was now looking forward to making the darned thing...


Steffi said...

This is a great costume to Halloween!You sewed it?

Have a nice weekend!

Tam said...

Oh CLARA, I was looking foward to seeing that "puffy Taco" LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the other costume too! Stop by my blog, I have a suprise for you girlie!