Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amazing things happen around the Holidays!

Hi Everyone! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING and that you find that you have many, many things to be thankful for!

I don't have much time to gab...but I HAD to post this right quick!!!! They have found a perfect match...can't wait to hear who the Angel is!!!!!

Lisa, we are all sooooo happy for you!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

I read a blog today that just puts so many things into perspective. I am Catholic and am a firm believer in teaching my children that Christmas and Easter is not always just about receiving, nor receiving a lot. BUT, even then I do believe that children should have some fun in unwrapping something they might have wished for all year long.

Here is the post from A Mama's Blog, I stumbled upon it on Twitter. Now, you can read it, but I'll tell you what reached inside me and clenched my heart. Heather (A Mama's Blog), has a sister who teaches Second grade. AND, like all children...all 7 & 8 year old children...they write letters to Santa. Here is a sampling of what a few wrote:

"…I need some socks because all mine have holes in them.”

"…I would like two blankets because my house gets cold.”

“…in the store, I would like new shoes.”

"…I need some pencils at home because I don’t half any and I half to wait until my couzin is done with his homework. Also his homework has a lot of pages to do and it takes forever and ever and I don’t get to finish not much of my homework.”

Can you understand what I'm feeling here with out me writing any further?

After reading those words...I sat here in disbelief.

Disbelief because I can't imagine the child that sat there in class, knowing that they were writing a letter to Santa Claus...probably someone they whole-heartedly believe in...there only chance of the year to ask for the toys they have been longing for, for months-perhaps years...and they had to sit there in their little desks and outweigh whether or not they should ask for the that they could play with it, enjoy it, cherish it, basically have the freedom that childhood brings every person only a few years in one's lifetime...the years of no "responsibilities" (you know what I mean)... OR, should they ask for the things they NEED, perhaps recalling the night before when they didn't get a good night's sleep because it was too cold...perhaps being embarassed when it's okay to take your shoes off, but you'd rather not because you know you have holes in your socks...

What child should have to make that type of decision...that's too mature of a decision...that's an adult's decision, right? Balancing our WANTS from our NEEDS. Sure, we need to teach our children that we can't have everything...I certainly do. BUT, is it too much to WANT a blanket or new socks? SOCKS? Can you believe that a child is wishing for that? Today, in 2008? In our great country of America?

We do live in a great country and I am very proud to be an American, and yet I think we sometimes take too much for granted here. We place so much focus on the wrong things.

My husband and I are not where near it. AND, yet we are so rich. Rich in the fact that we have each other, our children and our families...a roof over our heads, food not only on our table but in our pantry and refrigerator, we have transportation, we have heat...and now to add to that list...we have "pencils", "blankets", and we ALL have socks...with out holes in them.

I was interviewed here locally a couple of months ago...the subject was budgeting and Christmas shopping. I recall the interviewer asking me if I would be having a budget this year...I answered, "...of course, we do every year." She then asked me if we would be buying any big ticket items, to which I replied that "there is a lot more to Christmas than expensive gifts."

There is a lot more to CHRISTmas than any gift.

If you can't help send anything to this classroom, please try to find a family locally who is not as well off as you are...remember there is always someone out there who is worse off than you...always.

Heather...thanks for the reminder!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I got an award...doing the HAPPY dance!

Okay, so honestly who doesn't like to receive an award? AND, the SMILE award at that!
My sweet friend, Tam, from Painted Patooties bestowed this sweet little honor on me...THANK YOU Tam! You have such a great sense of humor, you are so very sweet and not to mention very inspiring when it comes to the area regarding FITNESS...and you are also the only women I know who can eat chocolate for a whole week and actually DROP a dress size...that in itself is pretty miraculous! Again, thank you my dear, you have brightened my day and put a larger than usual smile on my face!

Okay, so here are the CHARACTERISTICS for the SMILE award;

1. Must display a cheerful attitude.
2. Must love one another.
3. Must make mistakes.
4. Must learn from others.
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world.
6. Must love life.
7. Must love kids.

And, well every thing has these are the RULES for the SMILE award:

1. The recipient must link back to the award’s creator.
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must choose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself.
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award.
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.

AND, now the award goes to:

1. Traci from Bloom Design , there is just something about Traci that I love. I think she is very genuine and she will at times send me all sorts of virtual what's not to love? Plus her creations are wonderful...I own one, and her craftsmanship is wonderful!

2. Beth from The Pink Tulip...another sweet lady. I also enjoy reading her blog and about her vacations here and there. She has a gorgeous little girl and she looks so much like her mother it's almost unreal.

3. Vera from Doodbugzmom...Vera is great...she has a great personality and a generous soul. Plus I haven't seen her around much lately and simply want to nudge her a bit! When she does pop in, she always makes me smile...Vera, come get your award!

4. Michelle from Eat, sleep, create!... Michelle always puts a smile on my face...this woman is truly amazing! She has been a foster parent to so many children all the while rasing her own. When ever she is blessed with a new child to care for or having one of her former "babies" come visit can just read the excitement and warmth in her posts...simply oozing with kindness!

5. Annette from Pickles and Co. ...her photos on her blog really just make me sigh...ahhhh...I believe she lives in some type of Wonderland. I also enjoy reading her blog and the little tidbits in her life. Apart from that, I admire her work as a designer...I'm a big fan!

So there you have's really quite unfair because there are still so many more that I would like to award, but oh well...rules are rules I suppose...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another plea...

Please if you read this...please post it on your blog, Facebook or tweet it on Twitter. You may remember my posts about Lisa, The Domestic Diva and her sunshine girl, Marielle. Well, Marielle is really in a lot of pain and is desperately in need of a kidney transplant...soon! After the childrens hospital in Philadelphia provided a lot of grief to their cause by the slow process in evaluating and testing donors...and might I add they were being very picky as to whom they would allow to get tested, Lisa will be now working with
NY Presbyterian-Columbia University Hospital.
The NY hospital has agreed to test any and all willing donors!
So please, help us get the word out...

Have I mentioned that Marielle is only 15 years old?

Please read Lisa's updated information on her blog here and pass it on!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boutique Angels launch again!

I have some new skirts up for the Boutique Angels!!! What??? Can't find them under my ID???? Well....they were collaborations I created to match some wonderful friends, so I'll share the links with you!

I have to mention that, as always, 100% of the proceeds from each auction will be donated to charity. Our chosen charity for this launch is the Children of Fallen Soldiers Refund. Wonderful cause!

My first twirl skirt was a super fun, super colorful collaboration with some pretty talented girls. There are some wonderful hard to find European fabrics in this patchwork creation! The top was made by Jen of little*red*wagon who is a member of Ivylane, the perfectly matched clippies were made by Heather of little*e*designs who is a member of BoutiquePOP! kids and that yummy sugar cookie brooch (no, it's not edible, LOL!) was created by Stephanie aka twinkiechan! Thanks girls, it was a lot of fun!!!! You can find our auction here! Seriously, if you have ever wanted a Mimi Kattini...this is the one to bid on it now!

My next collaboration, again...some amazing designers! This time I worked with Michelle, couture4mycutie...she provided the wonderful park slope fabric we used to create this ensemble! Patty of key*west*kids appliqued the made to match top and did a wonderful job! This set has a tote...oh so cute and nicely painted by Julie of the paintedbutterflystudio! AND, of course what boutique set would be complete without matching accessories? Heather of little*e*designs once again worked with us to create the lovely headband with flowers. AND, wait this set has one more hair accessory, this time from Melissa and Shelly of thebowvine...oh they also created that cute little necklace too! Whew! I think that is everyone! Collaborations are so much fun...they really are, and I enjoyed every minute of them! Thanks girls! Grab this set here...this one comes in custom sizes!

Please make sure to check out the rest of the auctions...we have some AMAZING listings so get your bidding finger out!!!!! Search "Boutique Angels Charity" on eBay!