Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boutique Angels launch again!

I have some new skirts up for the Boutique Angels!!! What??? Can't find them under my ID???? Well....they were collaborations I created to match some wonderful friends, so I'll share the links with you!

I have to mention that, as always, 100% of the proceeds from each auction will be donated to charity. Our chosen charity for this launch is the Children of Fallen Soldiers Refund. Wonderful cause!

My first twirl skirt was a super fun, super colorful collaboration with some pretty talented girls. There are some wonderful hard to find European fabrics in this patchwork creation! The top was made by Jen of little*red*wagon who is a member of Ivylane, the perfectly matched clippies were made by Heather of little*e*designs who is a member of BoutiquePOP! kids and that yummy sugar cookie brooch (no, it's not edible, LOL!) was created by Stephanie aka twinkiechan! Thanks girls, it was a lot of fun!!!! You can find our auction here! Seriously, if you have ever wanted a Mimi Kattini...this is the one to get...so bid on it now!

My next collaboration, again...some amazing designers! This time I worked with Michelle, couture4mycutie...she provided the wonderful park slope fabric we used to create this ensemble! Patty of key*west*kids appliqued the made to match top and did a wonderful job! This set has a tote...oh so cute and nicely painted by Julie of the paintedbutterflystudio! AND, of course what boutique set would be complete without matching accessories? Heather of little*e*designs once again worked with us to create the lovely headband with flowers. AND, wait this set has one more hair accessory, this time from Melissa and Shelly of thebowvine...oh they also created that cute little necklace too! Whew! I think that is everyone! Collaborations are so much fun...they really are, and I enjoyed every minute of them! Thanks girls! Grab this set here...this one comes in custom sizes!

Please make sure to check out the rest of the auctions...we have some AMAZING listings so get your bidding finger out!!!!! Search "Boutique Angels Charity" on eBay!


Michelle said...

Beautiful!! How have you been?

Clara said...

Oh hey, Michelle!!!! How have YOU been my dear? Been missing you lately...thanks for stopping by. I hope you are doing well!!! ((HUGS))