Thursday, April 10, 2008

FIESTA 2008 is here!

San Antonio's biggest event, Fiesta 2008 is soon approaching, and the natives are getting restless! Yes, everyone has Fiesta Fever! If you aren't familiar with Fiesta, read about it here it is a HUGE annual event since 1891. I have met people from all over the world who plan their vacation around this 10 day event here in San Antonio. AND, it wouldn't be FIESTA without parades! There are so many of them, the oldest one is the Battle of the Flowers parade! This is the BIG one... so many businesses close down by noon and yes, you guessed it---there is no school that day! Since having children, we don't do FIESTA...I guess we've become "homebodies", ha ha! However, before we had our children we were fortunate enough to live in a home downtown in The King William historical district which had been converted into 2, we lived in the loft upstairs. The Fiesta event: The King William fair would bring a parade which literally went thru our front yard and we would sit on our balcony and host friends and family. Food booths cluttered our street and our yard as well-- imagine being able to just walk downstairs and get funnel cake, nachos and whatever fair foods you enjoy! Well, along came our little girl and we realized we wanted a backyard for her to play in, living on the top we had sacrificed a back yard which belonged to the bottom dwellers. So we moved! We still love to entertain, just not on the scale in which we used to. I sometimes miss it...but I LOVE my family and am happy where we are at.

ANYWAY, the whole reason for my daughter's teacher had sent home a note one day that each student was to bring in a shoe box from home. We sent one. My daughter came home on Monday with a different shoe box with a note attached asking us to do a Parent/Child project and make it into a float as they were going to have their own little Fiesta Parade at school! Lovely! We love doing projects together! We could choose any theme we wanted. Naturally, I let our daughter choose and she quickly chose to do something with Tinkerbell. Lovelier! So I took out the old "craft" vinyl tablecloth (this was going to get messy) and we all went to work with tissue paper and glue!

This is how it began:

AND, this is the almost finished product:

Isn't it cute?

I was talking with my sister -in-law the other day and she said this year for the 4th of July we were going to have a big picnic with sack races and egg tosses and the whole kit and kaboodle. We had so much fun with this little project, that I think I'm going to suggest that we have our children make their own 4th of July floats and have our own little parade that day too!


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We are part timers in Wimberley area Texas and part time in Alaska and we LOVE San Antonio Fiesta - especially homemade tortillas with cabrito - yum!

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sunshine*kisses said...

oh that is to darn cute we love Tink. Lauren's birthday is in may and that is her theme


Michelle said...

How creative!! I love that! :)

Clara said...

Thanks girls, it was so much fun to do this!!