Sunday, April 6, 2008

Old MacDonald had a farm, E E D D C...

My daughter had her first piano recital today, and I must say I was so very proud of her! We came in late in the semester, so she's only been taking lessons since February---but she is doing so well! She practices on her own everyday...I don't have to get on her about it at all. Honestly, I never realized what beautiful songs Old MacDonald and Mary Had a Little Lamb were, but for 5 minutes today---they were Masterpieces!

See that pitiful picture? Why am I even sharing it? Well, because a post doesn't seem right without one...and sadly, I only took 3 pictures, *gasp*! Yes, I know what was I thinking? In the world of Mommydom, that's not good--someone tap the top of my hand with a ruler! Sorry, flashbacks from Catholic school! (Okay, so that's not true...I did go to Catholic school...but I never saw anyone get tapped with a ruler!) Anyway, the recital was being taped and we're getting the DVD---so I guess I figured that was enough at the time! I was sad to see that the 3 pictures that I took looked horrible-but, I put a pretty border around it, does that help?

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