Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Shoe Box Parade

Remember my post about the shoe box float? Well, the school's Shoe Box Parade was today! The students were allowed to wear their FIESTA dresses in lieu of their uniforms...that in itself made it a fun day!

Oops! Did I forget to mention that my daughter cut her hair? Well, aside from trims...this was her first "actual" hair cut. She was able to donate 15" of beautiful brown hair to Locks of Love this weekend. She was so proud of herself! The "terms" were that she must still be able to put bows in her hair...and this length still allows for some pretty cute pig tails!


Anonymous said...

Wow, How sweet and generous is Miss A! I really do like her short locks and new bangs too.

Clara said...

Thanks, Pamela! I read your comment to her and she was just giddy! She said,

"...my short locks? Hmmm...I like the way that sounds."

Hee hee!