Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Boutique Robot...a look into the future!

I posted one of my daughter's school work papers a couple of posts down, in which she was to think of an invention of the future. She chose a robot that would make clothes and bows, hee hee...it still makes me giggle! THEN, we were to create this robot with recycled items. These were the recycled items we gathered around the house:
The process:
AND, here she is...complete with her own spool of thread, ribbon, tape measure, etc...
Oh...AND...just what exactly does the 2 year old in the house do when mommy and sister are hard at work creating this little robot and daddy has been asked to entertain him???? Well, just see for yourself....AND, yes that wall has been smeared with markers as well...thank goodness for washable markers!!!!


Michelle said...

Oh my gracious, I'm about to pee myself...LOL!!! that is Hillarious!!! ( is the fork because we don't actually stop sewing long enough to eat..LOL) too cute, I bet she loved doing that.. and your son..hillarious!! ( sounds like he's the same kind of sitter as my husband!LOL)

Clara said...

Ha...Michelle, that is hilarious! The fork is supposed to be providing the "needles"...but that is definitely another way to look at it!!!! LOL!!!!