Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love the look of hand screen-printed fabric! I've been a long-time fan of Duckcloth and their blog...which is where I first discovered the Sprout Design fabric collection...I recently used their Pamela Walker giraffe print and I will have more sets done in this collection as well.

NOW, I have discovered Spoonflower...have you heard of them???

Perhaps you have...BUT, for those of you who haven't, read about this innovative company who is still in the beta testing stage here! Your designs are printed on Robert Kaufman 100% kona cotton (for now) and I am so anxious to see how they will hold up after a few washings!!!! My own experience with the Pamela Walker print is that they are extremely vibrant when you first get them...AND, after a few washings you can't tell the difference...they are just as rich in color as they were unwashed! I'm not sure how these are printed yet, BUT I'm excited to find out about it all!!!!!! Are YOU????? It is obviously not for mass production as they have a maximum purchase of 5 yards. BUT, if you have a special project you are aching to do...this is the way to go! They have a video of some fabrics hot off the press here, if you are interested in seeing them.

Hmmmm...I have a couple of special projects in mind myself and so of course I have signed up for an invitation. I have no idea where this small company is going with this, but I bet we'll be hearing about them in a BIG way soon! Wishing you much success!!!!! You have no idea what you have started!!!


PamperingBeki said...

Oh how cool!

Steffi said...

Cool!Very nice fabrics!Thank you for your tips!