Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Howdy Y'all!!!!

We got back from our mini summer vacation a few days ago...and we had a great time! We desperately needed to get husband is in denial about being a workaholic...and the kids and I had an intervention with him.

So we packed our bags and went to a DUDE ranch...yes, you heard me right...a DUUUUUUDE ranch...after all, we are Texans...we'd fit right in! AND, we did!

Unless you worked there...there was no need for boots or belt buckles or even cowboy hats! This was a resort type Dude ranch...don't get me wrong...they had the horseback riding, the campfires, marshmallow roasting for smore's, hay rides and the occasional yelling of yeeeeeeeeeeee-haw certainly wasn't out of place...BUT, they had a SUPER FUN water park, is HUGE...I only have this picture of it...but it had tons more to do...we spent most of our days there...after all...we are in Texas and it is EXTREMELY HOT!
But our nights were reserved for all those Dude-sy things like hayrides and campfires and such. We really did have such a great time...and the kids didn't want to leave.

We were able to get some authentic looking photos of the little cowpokes...they look really great and I'm imagining that I'm about to see an armadillo scurry across them...and then I take a look at that second one...and huh, who would of thought they had crocs back then??? OH, yeah... and the pettiskirt has been around for a long, long time!


Steffi said...

qdykwWow...looks like nice vacation and a funny day in the fun water park!Really nice!

Anonymous said...

LOOKS LIKE FUN! Hope your husband found some time to not think about work too!


Clara said...

We had a GREAT time, Pamela and Steffi!