Thursday, August 21, 2008

I want a Golden Ticket!

I love the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie with Gene Wilder! I like the re-make with Johnny Depp as well...but mainly because of Johnny Depp!

But for many years, the original has been seen in our home many a time! Who doesn't want to visit the Chocolate Factory and the candy man...AND, the room where EVERYTHING is edible? A dream for any sweet tooth, indeed!

Well, I have heard of a place...a place where the candy is stacked so high...high into the sky!
Well...okay, maybe not that high...but stacked none the less...and writing that, makes for a great visual!

If you are reading my blog...chances are you are in the boutique community. AND, if you are in the boutique community chances are you have heard of the Diva...the Domestic Diva! AND, if you are reading my blog and NOT in the boutique community...then YAY for me...I'm crossing over!!!! BUT, then I must explain the candy...and the Diva... and how they all come together.

You see the Domestic Diva has an annual BBQ...on Staten New York...and she welcomes those in the Boutique Community! Well the boutique community extends far and wide. Now, we get invited to many BBQs...who doesn't? AND, we attend many of those BBQs as they are normally where we live or at least within an hour and a half drive. Well, somehow the Diva has been able to get families to fly from one side of the country to the attend her annual bash! AND, I hear every year it gets bigger! AND better! AND more exciting! I'm not going to get into all of the can read her blog for that...but I will speak of the candy!

I have never attended the BBQ! BUT, I have heard of the candy cart! The one the children come up to all wide-eyed and jaw-dropped! Okay, this is why I believe the candy is stacked so high. I hear the children get to fill a goodie bag...with whatever they would like. AND, some adults do as well. Well...I don't know about you, but I have been to some Birthday parties where the pinata has been broken and the candy has fallen to the ground...reminding me of Easter when the confetti litters the lawn and sidewalks after a cascarone-fest...but not more than a minute later... the children just can't seem to fill up their goodie bags with enough...and just like that it's gone...beautiful grass once again! YET, the children at the BBQ...are given free reign to fill up their bag...AND, somehow there is candy left over! WHAT? How can that be? Is that possible?? SURE, if the candy is stacked high...high into the sky!

Anyway, she's giving it away to one lucky winner! AND, I want it! LOL! SO, that's why I'm blogging about enter this yummilicious contest! SO, now all you have to do is visit her blog here and help me win OR you could simply enter yourself and blog about it and if you win...just share some with me, LOL!

On a more serious note...while you are there...please read about her daughter, Marielle...her Sunshine Girl! Ironically, the clouds are trying to put a damper on things...she is in stage 5 Kidney failure...and is desperately needing a kidney transplant. Please be giving to this generous woman and leave her some big hugs and prayers!

Aaaahhhhh...forget about the candy...I don't need it...just send some well's praying the sun shines through the clouds and a rainbow soon leads you to the pot of gold...

Who can make the sun rise...the candy man can...


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun! Good luck.

Clara said...

Thank you!!!!